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LOGIX Information Systems, Inc. is a leading professional services firm that guides Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies through the Internet-driven transformation of business to a path of profitability and growth. By providing business strategy insights and technology tools, we help our clients enhance their customer and marketplace knowledge. This knowledge serves as the foundation for making business and marketing decisions that ultimately strengthen the loyalty of their most valuable customers, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, in both traditional and digital markets.

At LOGIX, our strategy consultants work directly with CEOs and top company executives to develop growth-oriented, market-driven strategies. Our strategy consultants have the opportunity to work across a diverse base of industries focusing on our clients' traditional strategy needs as well as their emerging eStrategy needs. While the core of the Business Strategy Group is anchored in New Jersey and California, near-term plans call for expansion across the US.

At LOGIX, we view the Internet as an opportunity for our clients to open a valuable window on their customers, and to leverage the vast amounts of data that this opening provides. Our technology consultants build flexible solutions that allow our clients to; streamline the collection, coordination, and dissemination of customer and market trend information; perform fast and accurate analysis of customer data to better respond to customers’ value drivers, buying preferences, purchasing patterns, and habits; enable a process for developing custom products and services and personalized marketing campaigns to meet the unique requirements of our clients’ profiled customer base; and align and integrate back-office and front-office functions for greater efficiency, more accurate communication, and richer customer profiling.

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