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LOGIX has a team of the leading client/server architects, scientists, strategists and system engineers who are visionaries in cooperative processing systems. Utilizing their specialized knowledge in client/server transformation, they combine proven approaches with new techniques for custom solutions that enable interoperability across diverse hardware, operating systems and databases. Their goal is to empower you with optimal information technology architectures. LOGIX monitors emerging technologies, designing new approaches and products, and building upon hands-on experience with tactical research. The resulting expertise in programming and database design assures you of maximum interoperability on multiple, diverse hardware platforms.

The database will ofcourse be one of the key components in the success of the project. LOGIX has people who can use a fully-featured relational database management system such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix and they can use their expertise to fine tune and administer the database. LOGIX has people who are very proficient in latest object oriented tools like Rational Rose and Paradigm Plus, they also have exceptional skills in various programming languages such as C++, Java, Smalltalk and various object oriented languages. They can also use various latest Internet tools such as ColdFusion, Websphere Web-Objects and CORBA for various communications.

The Company is very adept in applying OOA/OOD technology to large client/server systems, and is committed to continue its search for excellence to provide the infrastructure for the next generation of distributed information systems. Its technology consultants work with you to speed the software building cycle and maximize technology  reuse. LOGIX emphasizes scaleable, architecture-driven solutions that satisfy reliability, performance and managerial requirements of the enterprise they serve.

LOGIX's E-Business practice is assisting our clients to deliver breakthrough business improvements by capitalizing on Internet-based technologies. Through a strategic approach, utilizing its Internet-centric Software Development Life Cycle methodology (I/DLC), LOGIX will enable businesses to: 

Improve the movement and management of information and e-Commerce transactions. Expand and strengthen key relationships through e-Partnering with suppliers and customers. Create substantial competitive advantages as they enter new markets and expand current ones. The practice offerings that support our mission include the following:

Web Enhancement of Strategic Applications 

Web Enhancement refers to the process of extending the business functionality of existing strategic applications by integrating them with Intranet, Extranet and public Internet capabilities. This approach allows organizations to implement more integrated business solutions by linking existing application systems and/or bases to new Web-based functionality. Through the use of Web Servers, Middleware and the growing IT infrastructure, these solutions can be deployed quickly. 

Custom Internet Application Development 
Custom Internet Application Development refers to the design and development of new e-business application systems that directly promote the strategic direction of the corporate e-business strategy. LOGIX supports the development of Internet applications with a variety of tools, web/application servers.

Web Systems Engineering Services 
The scope of the Web Systems Engineering Services to provide organizations with the architectural framework for implementing secure, high availability networks to support Internet services. 

Networking Services 
The scope of networking services is enabling organizations to support the distribution of users, data, and applications by providing interconnectivity and internetworking services over a networked environment. The service offering implements an optimized network infrastructure and enterprise-wide network systems management.

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