IT Consulting practice


LOGIX provides contract consultants who will operate as an extension to the client's IT staff to provide special expertise and assure project success. LOGIX markets and delivers its services and products both directly and through sub-contracting to clients. LOGIX's Information Technology Consultants provide a convenient cost-effective staffing solution. Our consultants are LOGIX employees. Costs normally associated with recruiting and qualifying candidates are absorbed by LOGIX. We handle all aspects of employment including related paperwork, payroll forms, benefits and taxes. We provide various consultants such as:

Systems Analysts/Designers
Software engineers
Business System Developers 
Network/System Administrators 
Database Administrators 
Case Tool Experts
Web/Internet Developers

with the following range of skill-sets: 

Visual C++/J++ 
Perl, Shell Programming 
Java, RMI, JDBC, Swing and JSDK Enterprise Edition 
MS Windows Dev. 
Visual Basic 
Oracle /Sybase /Informix 

And more... 

Services we provide.. 
Our service organization supplies support and consulting services to some of the finest organizations in the world. We work solely in your best interest and possess the knowledge to address a wide variety of information system problems. Some of the many services we provide are: 

Database/System Administration
Network Administration
Software Solutions
Internet Solutions 
UNIX/Internet Security 
Network Design/Implementation
OS Migrations
Multi-Vendor Integration Services
Engineering data management
Product Data Management
ERP Package Implementation

In every engagement from short term staff supplementation to full scale project management, from help desk support to massive platform migration, LOGIX aims to provide creative, timely, and cost-effective system solutions. 

Staffing Solutions 

Our professionals can staff your help desk, systems support and maintenance teams, or supply the advanced IT skills required for complex project initiatives. We work in partnership with clients to create a flexible staffing plan that augments their core staff with the best experts available on an as-needed basis. 

Clients increasingly find that using our flexible, expert IT staffing resources is the best way to meet continually shifting business goals. And those that have preferential access to these critical professional resources will have a decisive competitive advantage. To learn more about our Staffing Solutions and find out how we can help you, contact us at info@logixinfosys.com

Project Management. 

We identify and support common functions across the business unit, monitor progress against plan and budget and to direct the day-to-day activities of the Program Office.
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